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Foyers or places next to stairways or elevators

Posted by hospitelevator in Be temos

Foyers or places next to stairways or elevators are convenient locations to place a directory. A surface mounted shop directory is great for lobby areas where you will always need a permanent sign directing customers to their right location. Surface mounted signs can be used both indoors and out. No matter where you need a sign, whether its for a school, library, or company function it will blend in with its surroundings, yet stand out so people can easily find it.The easier you are to find for your customers and clients observation elevator the more likely theyll be to return and use your services again.

. They can save money by not needing a passenger elevator person to direct people to where they need to go. Therefore, many office buildings, schools, and libraries can benefit from having a directory sign. The pedestal directory can be used virtually anywhere and is easily stored when not in use. Like other options, this changeable sign has a black background and comes with a locking mechanism to keep the letters from being rearranged. The professional appearance works well with any commercial setting. If you have multiple rooms that are being used for conferences or meetings of some sort, having a portable directory sign is an excellent way to display what meeting or class is taking place inside each room. You will find this option is great for those that need to frequently move a sign from place to place. The stand conveniently adjusts between 49 and 66 inches. The letters are large enough for people to easily read.

Building Mounted Directories

Surface mounted marquee signs are perfect for areas that may frequently change where a certain service is being offered. Often white, they are easily seen with the common black background.

Social Directories

For buildings that host a lot of parties or events, using wayfinding signs can be a great way at letting attendees find their location quickly and efficiently.

Marquee Directory

The marquee directory is another surface mounted letter sign that is made out of aluminum and comes with a shatter resistant see through acrylic door. The locking mechanism allows those that have the proper key to gain access to the letters and change them when appropriate. This display sign has a white acrylic header panel that youre able to customize to say your personal message.

Lobby Directory

Our lobby directory is made with aluminum and comes with a powder coat finish and shatter resistant acrylic framed see through door. In order to save money on permanent labels, a changeable sign allows you to change the name of the company or person within each office as they come and go.

Complete Directory Package

Youre given different letters, numbers, and characters to place inside the sign with your order.

Pedestal Style Directories

The directory and pedestal option is made with aluminum and has a black background for easy reading. You have various designs to choose from so you can easily place a changeable sign on a wall or have it stand on a pedestal wherever you need it at the time. This door features a locking mechanism to keep people that dont have the key from accessing the message inside

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